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Launch Your Own Gojek Clone 2022 - KingX 2022

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We all love technology. It has allowed us to make our lives easier, to make a living faster and better and to be able to establish a brand and a reputation. The Gojek clone app is one such solution in the on demand multi service industry. Here’s how it has helped everyone:


Users can now find any type of service provider quickly and easily just by using their smart phones. They don’t have to worry about physically hunting down the prospects who can help them with their requirements. 


They can now earn a living on their own terms. The Gojek clone app allows service providers to act as independent individual entrepreneurs, so they can decide how much they wish to charge for the services that they offer. The app also gives them the independence to choose when they want to accept jobs or if they’d like to reject them altogether. 


The deliver market is huge. Today people want every thing delivered to their doorstep. With the help of the Gojek clone app, stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants can grow their sales by making sure that people can order items directly from the app and get them delivered to their homes. 


Last but not the least, the app owners too have been benefited with the Gojek clone script. This app allows app owners to make a continual profit based on just a one time investment. Since the app is sold as a launch ready application, they don’t even have to wait to start earning as the app will help them earn profits right from the day of the launch. 


The KingX 2022 is a bolder new version of the Gojek clone app. This app has started making headlines because it offers two very unique new services that are absolutely relevant to today’s market. They are:

  • Service Bid

This is a feature that allows users to make a posting for the job. Instead of simply clicking on the service category and looking for service providers that fit in their budgets, users can now list their jobs in the handyman section.

Service providers can go through these listings and then bid for the job. They can mention their experience, expertise, ratings, and reviews and then put up a quotation for the job. The user is now free to choose the service provider who’s pricing and skill set matches his or her requirements.

  • Online Audio/ Video Consultation

The pandemic has made this feature an absolute essential. Even though the outbreak seems to be a lot more in control in the present time, it is very evident that people have started preferring to stay indoors rather than gallivanting around the world. 

This is why; the KingX 2022 features this new section. Here the users can schedule video or audio consultations and meetings with expert professionals such as Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Fitness Trainers, Lawyers, Astrologers, Tutors and more. 


Starting your own business is a big deal. Everyone wants to be able to do so. This is why; you will find many entrepreneurs looking for the best Gojek clone app in the market. But why stop there? Why not take it a step further and purchase the biggest and the best KingX 2022 with all the relevant features that can help you make your business profitable instantly!

If you wish to do so, make sure that you look for a reputed on demand mobile app Development Company that offers high end, cost effective white label services for their on demand apps. IT will work out best for you if you take trial of the app. 

Any reputed app development company will have the literature for the app and a ton of demo videos to take you through all the nuances but don’t just stop there. Make sure that you take a full fledged live demo of the app. This will help you in a big way in understanding exactly how the app will be presented to the world. 

Another way of making sure that you get your hands on the best Gojek clone app is by making sure that you check out the app development company’s reviews online. Previous customers will have given them a rating that will help you determine whether you would like to work with them or not. 


The Gojek clone app has proved its value in the market over the last 5 years. But with every New Year, this app brings in a bunch of new features. To survive in the cut throat market today, you have to make sure that your app is the most successful, well planned, well created app loaded with the best features. The KingX 2022 is just that. So, don’t hesitate and put your money in a fool proof profitable business. 


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