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Start Your Multi-service Business With Gojek Clone App Immediately

Gojek Clone Allows You To Start Your On-demand Business Instantly

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On-demand delivery service apps are trending big time. All thanks to the pandemic that has pushed their demands hugely. Witnessing the immediate brand visibility and the profits boosts, every business owner wishes to develop one under their brand. If you are looking to develop and launch an on-demand multi-service business, building Gojek Clone App is the right solution. 

Why Gojek Clone App Is So Much In Demand?

Countries across the world were imposed under on and off lockdown. However, even in the lockdown situations, people were able to order their daily essential needs like Groceries, Food, Pharmacy, etc. at their doorstep. The primary reason behind this is Gojek Clone Apps.

Build on the advanced and feature-rich technology, on-demand multi-service apps like Gojek made life easier in meeting the requirements of the people. Business sectors like Courier/Parcel services, Hospitality, Transportation as well as Independent service providers like Beauticians, Baby-sitters, Handyman services, etc are the biggest recipients of the app. 

On-demand apps like Gojek provides their users with laundry services, housekeeping services, cab rentals, taxis on the go, groceries, food, wine/alcohol, etc. at their doorsteps. 

Gojek Clone App has sent a new milestone with the number of downloads from the Play Store and App Store. 

Top Reasons Why Gojek Clone App Is The Top Choice


Gojek Clone App is easy to customize as per the business demands. Depending on the location and target audience preferences, the service categories, features, brand name, and themes can be 100% customized. Thus the entrepreneur has the freedom to choose, add, modify and remove the services, features to generate more revenue.

Robust and scalable technology

The consumer’s shopping habits are constantly evolving. Also, they are growing with time and so is your customer base. To accommodate their needs and the user base, you need not spend extra money over it as our Gojek Clone App is already built on scalable technology. This means it can seamlessly handle the growing user base and their demands. 

The Gojek Clone App can easily adapt to the changing market conditions, by enabling entries of new services as well as products to gain a competitive edge. 

Low investment

The cost of developing a Gojek Clone App is less compared to the one developing right from the scratch. Since it is a ready-made app solution it is developed and launched in just 5 days. This means it is inexpensive and a time saver for business owners who are in hurry to launch their on-demand business.

Furthermore, it eliminates the need to hire resources and saves on operational costs. Yes, it automates the entire business operations, thus maintaining the app cost is also less. 

Hence, you can say that the Gojek Clone App is a cost-effective business model to address several stakeholders. For instance, Airbnb is one of the biggest on-demand hospitality services and it does not own a single hotel.

Consumer satisfaction

When your consumers are happy your Gojek Clone App grows. Offering 60+ on-demand delivery services to your customers in the shortest time is the primary reason behind Gojek Clone App becoming popular. Your customers can place an order of any services in just a few taps from their smartphone, which makes it incredibly easy and quick for them.

Especially for busy working professionals, Gojek Clone App is a blessing in disguise. 

How To Classify The Important Features Of Customized On-demand app

Identifying the target audience before you head on to make Gojek Clone App. The target audience includes working professionals, busy moms, college-goers, who will be frequently using your on-demand apps. 

Your Gojek Clone App will be resolving day to day problems of the citizens. Think of the busy working professionals who have no time to do the chores. You can provide on-demand house cleaning at reasonable rates. This way offering on-demand deliveries and services will help them stayed glued to your app forever.

Our Gojek Clone App comes integrated with new features such as:

  • The restricted passenger limit feature enables the driver to limit the passenger seatings ensuring a social distancing rule.
  • Face mask verification where the driver will upload the feature to make sure that he/she is following COVID19 rules.
  • The app asks for the safety ratings from the passengers once the trip has ended to know if COVID19 related safety rules have been followed or not.
  • Taxi fare calculation can be calculated using 2 ways – either the rider pays as per the estimated fare or they can pay as per the road traveled. 
  • The ride cancelation feature allows both driver and the passenger to cancel the ride if either of them not following COVID19 safety measures.
  • OTP verification feature is where the driver/service provider will ask the users before starting the trip/task 
  • Graphical status of the ride/order allows the user to know the real-time status of the order/ride in the form of graphical icons through in-app notifications
  • Store wise commission allows the admin to set different commission rates for each store
  • Daywise separate time slots enable the store owners/restaurants to be flexible with the operational hours and days
  • Item name searching allows the users to quickly search the restaurants/stores as well as items to quickly add to the cart
  • Voice instructions for the delivery driver allow the user to put a voice note regarding specific delivery preferences. 
  • Restaurants upload pictures of the kitchen where the users can see how every restaurant is following safety protocols.
  • Order cancellation option for the delivery driver is when the driver is unable to make delivery due to unforeseen reasons

Thus, it has been proved that on-demand apps like Gojek allow any B2C to unlock their business potentials. You can scale up your on-demand multi-service business services to the next level by keeping their customers in the center. 

The on-demand app development team will integrate the above-mentioned features ensuring an immediate boost in your business. 

A reliable Gojek Clone App Development company will offer you end-to-end on-demand app development solutions. Furthermore, they will provide you with after-sales services such as Bug support, Timely up-gradation, 24/7/365 Technical assistance that will help your business flow smoothly and streamlined. 

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