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Perks of starting business of multi service on-demand app like Gojek


Is there any Advantage to Starting an App like Gojek?

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There used to be a time when everything that we do with our smart phones today seemed practically impossible. We could have never thought of all the convenience and joy that multiple apps have brought into our lives. Whether it is a gaming app that helps us bear the long hours at the airport or when you get stood up by a date, or the apps that help you order a big bottle of your favorite rye whiskey to set the tone for a romantic evening, there is no end to the potential of modern day apps. As more and more people are becoming dependent on their smart phones for their every day needs, another very imminent requirement that seems to be the need of the hour is multi service on demand apps’.

What are multi service on demand apps?

On demand apps are basically mobile application that would help you get stuff ‘on demand’. As in you can buy things or hire people when you feel that there is a need for it, instead of pre panning and procuring stuff ahead of time.

An on demand app that supports multiple services would allow a consumer to just download a single application that can cater to any and all service type that the app owner wishes to offer ranging from booking a taxi, to hiring a plumber or beautician or even ordering food online and getting it delivered.

Understanding an app like Gojek

While the primary Gojek app is something of a legend, having started off as a bike taxi platform and then expanded into multiple services, many Gojek clone apps in the market have evolved to provide a more holistic approach to the entire business.

This means, an ideal multi service on demand business platform such as the Gojek Clone would encompass of 4 key sections:

On Demand Taxi Services

This section could include any and all kinds of vehicles (including drivers) for hire, such as a bike, or a hatchback, or a sedan or an SUV or even a truck. The user should be free to choose from these options based on their current requirements and budget.

Parcel Delivery Service

This option would allow a customer to send a parcel over from point A to point B or from point A to Points B, C, D. The user should be able to choose the type of vehicle that they would like the send the parcel from based on their budget and the dimensions of the parcel and also taking in account the time it would take for the parcel to reach.

On Demand Delivery

This is the section that could assist customers to buy stuff online and get that delivered to their doorstep. For example, someone could order a pizza and get it delivered using the app, or buy some groceries and get it delivered and so on and so forth.

Hire service providers

This part would exclusively deal with people hiring service providers like plumber, electricians, doctors, beauticians, massage therapists and more using the app. The app should provide them with a list of all the service providers in and around their area and they should be able to hire them base on their requirements.

Benefits of a Multi Service On Demand App like Gojek

There are many advantages to a multi service on demand app like Gojek, for the service providers, for the customers and the app owner alike. Let us look at them in detail.

  1. Clutter free

No one likes having a hundred apps in their phones and worse yet, people hat to download and save an app for a service that they may need sometime in the future but have no imminent need for it. This is where a multi service app comes in handy. A single app with the power to provide access to multiple services makes it extremely easy for the users to just keep it hanging in their smart phones and use them whenever the need arises.

  1. Multiple revenue streams

When a multi service app like Gojek allows service providers to register into it, it opens multiple avenues for them to grow the streams of revenue that they have going on. For example, a taxi driver may be waiting on a ride for a long time but business seems to be dull. HE can switch on to the delivery option and make a few deliveries to earn money. That slow day quickly turns into a profitable one. In fact, there are many services which do not require any kind of special talent such as dog walking, parcel delivery, etc. If a plumber has time, even he can do these jobs and continue to make money.

  1. Commission on each service

For the app owner having a multi service app like Gojek is absolutely golden because it allows them to earn a commission each time anyone uses the app to book any kind of service. Regardless of whether someone books a cab or hires a beautician, the app owner continues to make a commission. This is another reason why this app seems to be so profitable right from day one.

Getting your own On Demand Multi Service App Known as the Gojek Cloned

The Gojek Clone App Script has been something of a rage in the last few years. As more and more people have started understanding its potential, people have started leaning on reliable white label on demand mobile app development companies to help them with their own versions of the Gojek Clone.

Make sure that you only purchase your app after you have verified the authenticity of the white label on demand mobile app Development Company by taking a look at their client testimonials and a live demo of their app before making the purchase. Once you are sure of the app and you like it, you can go for it and the app can be made live on the Google Play store and the iOS app store in less than a week’s time.

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